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About - St Tiffany’s Brains Academy

About - St Tiffany’s Brains Academy


St Tiffany’s Brains Academy was found in September 2013. She was formally called St Tiffany’s School.
It was just a daycare center for over a year before it gradually grew into a full blown academy.

As a school, we aspire to be great by promoting the highest standards of behavior; Giving children an excellent secure start to their school experience. We also provide a holistic, high quality and exciting education.

We place teaching and learning at the height of everything we do and always ensure that whatever we do makes a positive difference in the life of our children.

Our Aim

  • Combine a variety of successful teaching methods in providing a rich learning environment for all the children in our care.
  • Nurture children to be highly motivated, well behaved, fully involved in the life of the school.
  • Be independent and to show initiative and discipline.
  • Raise children who are morally upright, putting God first in everything they do.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong focus on teaching and learning to enable each individual child achieve his/her full potential.

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